Chen Wang


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Working Experience

Wisoft; Wuxi, China — 2012-2013

National crime information system. the main function is a criminal warning mechanism built from multi-databases, customized rule lib and real-time matching process to alert capture instructions to the local police stations.

Position: Software Project Manager, Business Analyst

Joint operations platform for the police for Jiangsu province, China. The system meets the demands of multiple police who sorts to combat in cooperation for crisis policing job.

Position: Vice Software Project Manager, Business Analyst.

Newsicom Yokohma, Japan & Wuxi, China — 2011-2012

BOSS for Shang Zhu Tong VOIP, China. The project consists of OSS, BSS and DSS, It is a big project that our team is in charge of OSS and integration with others.

Position: Software Project Director, Business Analyst.

Long Top Group; Shanghai, China — 2010-2011

Decision support system for China Pacific Insurance. The system defines all the KPI and its interface and customized performance appraisal lib, it implements the score calculated for thousands of subsidiary companies for performance evaluation.

Position: Java Team Leader.


Good software project management skills in CMM level 3 and an excellent communication and negotiation skills as a Business Analyst.

Good experience in designing and developing information system.

Strong experience in J2EE development technologies (Java, Hibernate, Spring, HTML , JavaScript and ExtJS).

Good experience in RDBMS especially oracle Rac.

Good experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.